FM-Integration Screen Image

Integrated Facility Management (FM) platform linked with BIM

FM-Integration is a platform that integrates information related to facilities to support life cycle management. It links BIM, drawing management, long-term repair planning, inspection, maintenance management, and other functions around an integrated database to achieve DX (digital transformation) of facility management operations.

The integrated FM platform "FM-Integration" centralizes facility information,
and each function based on ledger functions supports maintenance
and management operations.

FM-Integration Feature image

Operation image

By importing BIM data and ledger information into FM-Integration,
information necessary for facility management and maintenance can be shared among various companies.You can also rely on FM-Integration for the data submission of various reports and cost proposals for long-term repair plans.

FM-Integration Operation image

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Functional overview

Information sharing between owner companies and cooperating companies

FM-Integration Information sharing between owner companies and subcontractors
  • Share and update information simply by accessing the website.
  • In case of emergency, share handling materials with cooperating company.
  • Easily share submitting materials for owner companies within the system.
  • Smooth introduction with a screen structure that allows intuitive operation.

Creation of a database of facility and equipment information

FM-Integration Facility Information DBing of Facility Information
  • Create various ledgers (floors, rooms, fixtures, equipment, construction, etc.) centering on basic information of the building.
  • Freely set ledger names and ledger items to manage information for each facility according to your tasks.
  • For facility information, related drawings and instruction manuals can be shared using the attachment function.
  • Easy maintenance of information with the import/export function of Excel files.

Creation and simulation of long-term repair plans

FM-Integration Construction Supervision and Management
  • Graphs can be easily created by setting unit prices and cycle rules for renewal and repairs for each part and material.
  • Try simulations of front-loading and postponement of expenses on the website.
  • Long-term repair plan simulation for multiple buildings and export in Excel format.
  • Master registration of unit prices and cycle rules corresponding to BELCA data is possible.
  • “BELCA” is a registered trademark of the Building and Equipment Long-life Cycle Association(

Construction budget control and progress management

FM-Integration Preconstruction and progress management
  • Check the construction history for each piece of equipment.
  • Budget control and progress management for each construction unit.
  • Check the details of past construction work with the function to attach related drawings and materials.
  • Create a list of construction projects in cooperation with the long-term repair plan function.

Improved efficiency of inspection work

FM-Integration Streamlining inspection operations and BEMS data management
  • Management of inspection work schedules and inspection results.
  • Efficiently register and update inspection results on mobile devices.
  • Check and share the inspection history of equipment.
  • Link with BEMS data and incorporate BEMS information into the system.

Facility Management using BIM

FM-Integration Facility Management with BIM
  • Import BIM model data in IFC format and check property information.
  • Grasp the position of objects with highlighting function of IFC model.
  • Create a ledger based on object property information.
  • Set object update cycle information and unit price information to create a long-term repair plan.

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We can provide product introductions and demonstrations via online meetings!